Shanghai Astronomy Museum Makes Headlines on the Monthly Journal of the National Science Museum, South Korea


    To step up the publicity of Shanghai Astronomy Museum and improve the international influence of our museum, the Cooperation & Communication Division was active in engaging with the National Science Museum, South Korea, and the Publicity Division sent it beautiful pictures of buildings of and exhibitions at Shanghai Astronomy Museum. The National Science Museum, South Korea introduced Shanghai Astronomy Museum and published the original temporary exhibition "Living on Mars" of our museum on the front page of its newsletter in April. Such a move helped Korean popular science and technology museums and public better understand Shanghai Astronomy Museum, and paved the way for future cooperation. 

    The National Science Museum, South Korea is a state-level science museum located in Daejeon. Founded in 1949, it was opened to the public on October 9, 1990, displaying data and materials on the history of science and technology, natural history and natural science. Among them, the celestial museum is the highlight, in which there is a 23-meter semicircular roof, the largest one in South Korea, and the only international universe theater in this country.