Cooperation and Joint Construction between SSTM and Shaoxing Science and Technology Museum


On April 15, 2021, the signing ceremony for the cooperation and joint construction “Shanghai and Shaoxing Joining Hands in Science Popularization” of SSTM and Shaoxing Science and Technology Museum was successfully held at the Shaoxing Science and Technology Museum. This means that the two sides will make more concrete efforts to implement the national strategy of integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, promote Shaoxing to catch up with Shanghai comprehensively, and facilitate cooperation and collaboration in the Yangtze River Delta. Existing platforms, mechanisms and resources will be put into flexible use to efficiently boost science popularization, mobilize all science popularization resources in the region, and accelerate the work of science popularization in Shaoxing in a shared way.

The launching ceremony of the event was quite creative. The tree of science popularization gradually began to shine under the irrigation of leaders and guests, and demonstrate vitality, implying that with the support of leaders at all levels, and joint efforts of both parties, the tree of science popularization will thrive as the cooperation and joint construction activities are gradually carried out. Subsequently, Wang Xiaoming, Curator of SSTM, and Tao Simin, Curator of Shaoxing Science and Technology Museum, formally signed the cooperation agreement and exchanged the plaque of “Cooperation and Joint Construction Units of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Shaoxing Science and Technology Museum”. The two curators displayed, introduced and exchanged science popularization resources on the stage. These resources were excellent science courses that the two parties had independently planned over the years, and have enriched the education resources of science and technology innovation for teenagers in Shanghai and Shaoxing.