Shanghai Science Communication Forum Focused on Photons and Quantum


In recent years, quantum technology has developed by leaps and bounds, and China has made remarkable achievements that attracted worldwide attention in this aspect. On December 19, 2020, the 157th lecture of Shanghai Science Communication Forum focused on the hot topic of “quantum technology”, and invited Wang Jianyu. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch to introduce the mysterious quantum world to the audiences.
Wang Jianyu first introduced the basic principles, implementation approaches and application prospects of quantum communication systems based on the characteristics of photons. Then, as the executive deputy chief designer of the Mozi satellite project, he took the Mozi satellite as an example and introduce its mission, application, as well as the current status and development trend of quantum communication in the country. Finally, he briefly introduced the development of quantum computing and quantum measurement, which represents the application direction of quantum information.