Nautilus Auditorium Focused on COVID-19 Vaccination


On May 8, 2021, the 178th session of Nautilus Auditorium was held. Under the theme of “Have You Been Vaccinated Against COVID-19?”, the lecture was held at the Discovery Center of Shanghai Natural History Museum offline together with livestreaming online. The lecturer Zhou Dongming, Professor and Director of the Department of Pathogen Biology of Tianjin Medical University, talked about the COVID-19 pandemic situation and progress in vaccines that everyone is most concerned with nowadays.

Professor Zhou Dongming briefly introduced the development history of human vaccines in the lecture, including the origin of vaccines, major technological revolutions in vaccine development, representative figures and their contributions. He focused on the R&D strategy and technology of COVID-19 vaccine and their advantages and disadvantages, as well COVID-19 vaccines on the market now and their effectiveness and safety. He also made an overview of current COVID-19 vaccination worldwide and common problems of immunization. It’s hoped that this lecture can help the audience gain a scientific and correct understanding of the existing COVID-19 vaccine and immunization, and make them willing to get vaccinated, thereby developing herd immunity.