Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation

Shanghai Science and Technology Musuem Foundation, founded in 2001, later changed its name to Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation in 2005, which is the first science education foundation among Chinese technology museums. Madam Zuo Huanchen is the president of the foundation, who is a former member of the standing committee of CPPCC and a former Shanghai’s vice mayor.

By the end of 2016, the foundation has raised accumulated worth RMB 250 million(about US$37.6 million) of money and materials.The funding sum for public science education projects is more than RMB 150 million, holding accumulated 3,000 science education campaigns and collecting  more than 700 items of rare animal specimens and fossils. At the same time, the foundation has launched many public welfare programs such as Science Education for Peasant Workers’s Children, Science Education for The Blind, Science Educational Excursions for Senior Citizens and SSEDF FloatingTechnology Museum.

In 2015, the president, Madam Zuo Huanchen, launched the Shanghai International Nature Conservation Festival in cooperation with the Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. In October 2015, Madam Zuo was praised by the Distinguished Industry Leader Award of the Association of Science&Technology Center. She is the first Chinese to win this award, receiving a high evaluation by ASTC for her contribution to popularization of the science. ASTC thought Madam Zou has organized many popular science actions, increasing SSTM’s global recognition and spreading science education projects in China’s rural and remote areas.