Science Theaters
IMAX 3D Theater IMAX Dome Theater IWERKS 4D Theatre Space Theatre

IMAX 3D Theater


The IMAX 3D Theater was the first of its kind in China and can hold 441 people. The screen is 18.3 meters high (the height of about six floors) and 24.3 meters wide. The IMAX dual projection system is adopted to provide stable and high-definition image as well as a vivid 3D effect to make you feel that the scenery is within reach.

IMAX Dome Theater


The screen diameter at the IMAX Dome Theater is 23 meters and it can hold 280 people. It uses IMAX single projector system with a stable and clean image. The screen leans 30 degrees forward to wrap the audience under the dome to present a strong floating and immersive experience.

IWERKS 4D Theatre


The IWERKS 4D Theater can hold 56 people. Based on 3D images, it has added special effects like water spraying, wind blowing, vibrations, smoke and seat-sinking to work with the movie to make the audience totally absorbed in watching.

Space Theatre

Space Navigation Exhibition

Space Theatre can hold 69 people and is a multi-media dome theatre that adopts video stitching, image processing and computer integrated technologies. Audiences are able to experience the excitement and fun sitting in their chairs while feeling embraced by the universe.

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