Shanghai Science Communication Forum Explored “China''s Loong" in the Pillars of a Great Power


On the afternoon of March 17, 2024, the 206th Shanghai Science Communication Forum and the 12th Science and Technology Morning Star Forum were held at the Shanghai Natural History Museum. Ge Tong, Director of the Institute of Underwater Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and one of the main technical leaders of the unmanned submersible "Hailong", Fan Li, Vice President of the Nuclear Engineering Academy of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., CNNC and Chief Engineer of the "Hualong One" project, and Song Yin, captain of Donghai No. 1 Rescue Flying Service of the Ministry of Transport and winner of the title of "The Most Handsome Female Pilot", were specially invited to lead the audience to explore the "China's Loong" in the pillars of a great power together.

Deep-sea unmanned remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are the core equipment for carrying out fine underwater investigations and unmanned operations in deep-sea waters. Professor Ge Tong introduced in detail the system architecture, development process and core key technologies of the deep-sea unmanned remotely operated submersible "Hailong", providing the audience with a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of this national pillar.

Subsequently, Fan Li, the chief engineer of "Hualong One", started from the principle of nuclear energy, and led the audience to understand the development of nuclear energy and the latest technological achievements of nuclear energy science and technology. He described in detail the R&D and construction process of China's third-generation independent advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology and the national pillar "Hualong One". Through the lecture, the audience had a clearer understanding of China's nuclear power technology.

Song Yin, the captain of the Donghai No. 1 Rescue Flying Service of the Ministry of Transport, explained to the audience the principles of helicopter flight, the impact of space disorientation on flight personnel and the possible challenges in rescue missions from her own experience. She especially mentioned the important role of the Kunlong AG600 amphibious aircraft in maritime search and rescue and forest fire fighting, presenting the great potential of this pillar in the field of emergency rescue.