More Efforts to Epidemic Prevention by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum to Cope with Higher Visitor Flow in Summer Vacation


In order to efficiently coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and the operation of the venues, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum has gotten everything ready for a new start since this summer. The exhibition area, which had been closed for more than three months, gradually returned to its previous active state. The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum has always paid close attention to routine measures for prevention and control of the epidemic, and effectively responded to the uncertain external environment and continued its efforts to build a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control in venues by a combination of measures and all-round management. 

Venue epidemic prevention safety is realized on the basis of employee safety. Since its reopening, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum has implemented strict health monitoring and management for front-line operating personnel. Every day, on-duty personnel are required to report their body temperature on time when they go to and get off work, and upload their negative nucleic acid reports which are valid within 24 hours. We also carry out epidemic prevention training for all operation staff during the morning meeting, to emphasize the epidemic prevention requirements for their posts, and issued the Employee Safety Manual to help front-line staff further clarify their responsibilities for epidemic prevention and implement the work of their posts.

When working on the post, employees must be equipped with "three-piece sets", i.e. gloves, reminder board for wearing mask and walkie talkie. During the inspection, employees must actively remind visitors to wear their masks, and will timely inform the on-site staff directly through the walkie talkie to remind those visitors who do not wear masks correctly as displayed on the monitoring screen of venues, so as to ensure the all-round implementation of epidemic prevention and control without blind spot. In the context of the temporary closure of the science cinema and the suspension of educational activities, the Museum coordinates work in a scientific way by arranging staff to support the front-line operation every day, and send more staff to patrol the hot visiting areas, to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the exhibition area. 

There are both static exhibits and an abundance of interesting interactive exhibition items displayed in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. According to the requirements for epidemic prevention as specified for indoor venues, the Museum has placed wash-free hand sanitizers in all exhibition areas, and arranged special personnel for disinfection and sterilization of the environment and items displayed in the exhibition area every day at an interval of two hours, especially the "one disinfection for one person" measure for some large-scale interactive exhibition items. After disinfection, employees must fill in the disinfection record form in time, which must be signed by the area head after inspection and check, thus forming the exhibition area disinfection and sterilization chain featuring "one record for one disinfection, and one inspection for one record", to keep each disinfection and sterilization in the exhibition area traceable.

Facing the challenge of a large number of visitors in summer vacation, the Museum should also ensure the tourists' visiting experience, on the basis of strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control requirements. In front of the popular exhibits that easily attract large crowds, the Museum separate the crowds by means of a one-meter line. Meanwhile, we put up stickers on the ground in the queuing area of popular exhibition items to advise visitors to be aware of the distance. We also arrange staff timely to guide visitors, and post notices at the eye-catching point of the entrance of unopened theater and cinema to prevent crowd congestion and gathering.