Shanghai Science & Technology Museum carries out learn-from-Lei Feng youth volunteer service activity


March 5 is the 60th "Learn-from-Lei Feng Day". In order to further carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions of carrying out the activities of learning from Lei Feng in depth, on March 3, 2023, the party members of the Science & Technology Exhibition and Education Party Branch of Shanghai Science & Technology Museum went into the Huamu Community to carry out the volunteer service activities of learning from Lei Feng with the theme of "Actions of Public Welfare on the Road to Civilization in Spring". 

The Science & Technology Exhibition and Education Party branch, focusing on the main responsibilities and businesses, with the lever of "Benefiting the People with Integration of Scientific and Technological Community" in this volunteer service activity of learning from Lei Feng, with the support of the offline education brand activity "Science Train" of Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, delivers a scientific meal close to life and entertaining to the people's doorsteps, contributing to the establishment of a social fashion of loving and advocating science and improving the scientific quality of the whole people. 

In order to improve the volunteer service effectiveness of Party members, the Science & Technology Exhibition and Education Party branch intensively cultivates the service contents, and specially selects two "Science Train" activities with intuitive phenomena and easy-to-understand principles, namely, Hearing "You" and Pushing Down "Me", to enter the community. With a series of scientific experiments and hands-on practice, the audiences are led to understand the secret behind sound and explore the relationship between the center of gravity and balance. 

In view of the community residents' demands for daily and easily-understanding science contents, the Party members "prescribe the right remedy for an illness" and "give lectures according to people", and further promote the volunteer service activities of learning from Lei Feng in depth. Shanghai Science & Technology Museum will always adhere to the concept of "benefiting the people with science education, doing practical work for the people, and strengthening the people with science and technology", so that scientific knowledge can not only "moisten things silently", but also "fly into the homes of ordinary people", stimulating new kinetic energy for the development of science education.