The Shanghai Science & Technology Museum''s "Meet @ Scientists" series of educational projects won two municipal honors


Recently, the original brand project "Meet @ Scientists" series of educational projects of the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum has been awarded two municipal awards, namely the "First Shanghai Museum Excellence Education Project" issued by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, and the first prize of the "Science Achievement Award for Shanghai Science Education Innovation Award" issued by the Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation and the Shanghai Municipal Popular Science Education Innovation Award Committee.

The "Meet @ Scientists" series of educational projects is a brand education activity launched by the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum in response to the large pattern of popular science in the new era, promote the spirit of scientists, improve the scientific quality of the whole people, and cultivate young scientific and technological innovation talents. With the theme of "Scientists and Their Achievements", the project selects an outstanding scientist born in the current month in the history of science to hold the "Scientist Theme Month" activity every month. The content is diverse and three-dimensional, including nearly 10 popular science forms such as scientists' birthday parties, popular science lectures, popular science dramas, micro-exhibitions, and scientist stations, comprehensively and systematically displaying the achievements of scientists and the stories behind them.

In the course of the project, the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum invited more than 30 scientists, including 10 academicians, to meet with the public at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, and developed more than 50 original and high-quality science contents, including the flash play Newton's Story, the science drama Meet Fleming and the science performance Dream of Exploring Space. The results of the project were shown in venues, campuses, communities and villages through touring exhibitions and tours. At the same time, through channels such as "popular science aid to Xinjiang" and "popular science aid to Tibet", it has benefited the masses in remote areas, reflecting the public welfare, equality and inclusiveness of popular science education.

The "Meet @ Scientists" series of educational projects won two municipal honors, which is an affirmation of the social benefits and influence of this project in the field of popular science education. In the future, the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum will continue to deepen popular science education activities and strive to provide rich popular science education resources in a more diversified and innovative way, so that more people can understand and love science.