"Find Nature" Selected as a "2023 Excellent Case of Biodiversity" by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment


Recently, the "Find Nature", a citizen participation science project of Shanghai Natural History Museum, was selected as a "2023 Excellent Case of Biodiversity" by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, facilitating ecological civilization construction and scientific knowledge popularization in a vigorous manner. 

The brand project was launched by the Shanghai Natural History Museum for the public of all ages in 2016, with its themes over the years covering four seasons, Shanghai-style culture talks about nature, wild animals, chirp insect records, urban bird seeking, and so forth. In April this year, Shanghai Natural History Museum launched the "Find Nature" project, with the theme of the "Shanghai Insect Family Tree". Through the public participation model, more than 190 participants formed a working group on field collection, species identification and data integration to conduct 33 field investigations and record insect information with professional equipment and methods. 

At present, the project has obtained 2,617 insect data via the WeChat mini program "Listen to Everything"; to be specific, 16 new records have been discovered in Shanghai, such as Cryptocephalus luteosignatus, Athyma jina Moore and Galerucella birmanica Jacoby. Moreover, the project conducted a series of insect recording workshops and the WeChat column "Shanghai Insect Family Tree", enhancing the audience's enthusiasm and awareness of insect protection.