The ''Yeah Kids'' Special Event for International Children''s Day Held at Shanghai Natural History Museum


On May 28, 2023, the "Go Wild! -- 'Yeah Kids' Special Event for International Children's Day" was held at Shanghai Natural History Museum. Resources of the Museum's partner schools and companies were pooled to enable visitors to feel the wildness of nature, appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy the fun of nature.

The "Flash Mob Show" & "Dinosaur Dance Party" let audiences return to their happy childhood days. There were also little kid stallholders on the "Market with Delight in the Wild" in addition to big ones. Under the "Exploration Course", the "Secret of Stripes and Dots" Activity for International Children's Day was held in combination with Yeah Kids' Popular Science Animation, where creative handicrafts of paper plate leopard and zebra lamps were born in every audience's hands.

Yeah Kids' Popular Science Animation debuted with questions from the perspective of children's life experience to guide kids to observe, think and explore. "Nautilus Exploration Notes" and other original popular science books made by the Museum brought abundant experience tasks for audiences to play to learn. The regional explanation was combined with "Shanghai Natural History Museum's Quest Resource Pack" for the first time to organically integrate Nature and Chinese subjects with idiom story cards of Wisdom for Existence, and a manual of rarely-used Chinese characters, Stroll around the Exhibition to Learn to Read, and create a brand-new interactive parent-child popular science experience.