Shanghai Astronomy Museum held a series of activities to celebrate "International Day of Planetariums"


From March 11 to 12, 2023, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum launched a series of activities to celebrate "International Day of Planetariums" with the theme of "the Public and Astronomy" to inspire the public to participate in science and to experience the beauty and interest of astronomy. 

On the morning of the 11th, the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum and the National Astronomical Data Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the field of astronomical data to jointly establish a link and bridge between scientific research and science popularization, promote the application of astronomical science data and explore new developments in the construction of astronomical science popularization. 

On the afternoon of the 11th, the launch ceremony of the ninth session of Galaxy Rostrum "Sky Survey Telescope and Public Science" and the Gravitational Lens Search Public Science Project were held in the Supernova Lecture Hall. The project was planned and implemented by the National Astronomical Data Center based on real astronomical science data. As a special partner of the project, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum gives full play to its experience accumulated in the field of popular science and relies on the mature multimedia platform built to actively promote the project and advocate the majority of amateur scientists and the general public to participate in astronomical scientific research. A series of activities with the theme of gravitational lens search will be launched to help the public understand more about gravitational lens search through new media platforms, exhibits in the Museum and interactive experiences, so that they can better participate in the project. 

The special event "Galaxy Rostrum" 2023 International Day of Planetariums held on the afternoon of the 11th invited Liu Chao, researcher of National Astronomical Observatories, CAS and Chief Scientist of Joint Science Center for China Space Station Telescope, and Li Nan, researcher of National Astronomical Observatories and Chief Technical Coordinator of Scientific Data System Development Project for Sky Survey Space Telescope, to give a keynote report, introducing the China Manned Space Project Sky Survey Space Telescope Project and Public Astronomy Science Project respectively.