A Summary and Sharing Meeting on the "Shanghai Insect Family Tree" Citizen Science Project Was Held at Shanghai Natural History Museum


On January 13, 2024, the Summary and Sharing Meeting on the "Shanghai Insect Family Tree" Citizen Science Project and the 2023 "Find Nature" Series Activities was held at the Shanghai Natural History Museum. Citizen scientist certificates and new insect record discovery certificates in Shanghai were awarded to representatives of outstanding insect survey team members, and they were invited to tell their stories of natural discoveries.

In their discussion, experts from the survey team shared natural discovery stories with participants from aspects such as insect feeding records, experiences in finding new records, field survey records, and campus insect discovery practices. Experts were also invited to explain to the insect survey team members the composition of insect collection tags, as well as insect specimen preparation techniques and experiences, to facilitate their observation and research in the future.

"Find Nature" is a science popularization brand project that the Shanghai Natural History Museum has been carrying out since 2016. It aims to convey the concept of "Nature · Human · Harmony" and focuses on activities mainly characterized with building an online platform, linking offline activities, and universal participation in science. "Find Nature" series of activities in 2023 focused on strengthening publicity and education on biodiversity protection, launched the "Shanghai Insect Family Tree" citizen science project, bridged the general public with scientific researchers, promoted the public's understanding and love of science, and enhanced the their awareness of ecological and environmental protection.