Shanghai Science Communication Forum Held to Present the Development of China''s "Chip"


On the afternoon of March 16, 2024, the 205th Shanghai Science Communication Forum and the "Rong Chang-Fudan" Innovative Chip IC Science Popularization Lecture were held in Fudan University.

In his speech, Mr. Xu Ningsheng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and former President of Fudan University, deeply recalled the outstanding contribution made by Ms. Xie Xide, former President of Fudan University, to the development of China's semiconductor industry, reviewed the development history of Fudan University's IC discipline, and looked forward to the broad future of the chip world. He also encouraged the audience to deeply understand the basic knowledge and stories behind chip technology, thus better understanding the macro strategic needs of China and the aspirations of mankind for a better life.

Afterwards, Mr. Zhang Wei, Dean of School of Microelectronics of Fudan University, was invited to give a popular science lecture titled "Chip Technology that Changes the World" during the 205th Shanghai Science Communication Forum and "Rong Chang-Fudan" Innovative Chip IC Science Popularization Lecture, leading the public to understand the development history of chip technology, interacting with the audience, and answering their questions.

On the same day, 30 lucky visitors who shared the same birthday with Academician Xie Xide, the "Mother of Chinese Semiconductors", took part in the theme activity of "Meet @ Scientists" for March, a brand activity of the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. The birthday persons visited the History Exhibition of Fudan University under the guidance of professionals and completed the task list. The "Rong Chang-Fudan" Innovative Chip instructors led them to explore the FPGA device, a device for semi-customized IC design, and experience the educational activity of "Chip Drives the Future with Unlimited Creativity - An Introductory Experiment of FPGA Development Board".