Shanghai Natural History Museum Held a Special Activity of "Safeguarding Nature in the City" Museum-School-Research Theme Day


Under the guidance of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and Shanghai Scientific and Technological Innovation Education Steering Committee, the Shanghai Natural History Museum elaborately organized the 2023 "Safeguarding Nature in the City" Museum-School-Research Theme Day activity at Shanghai Shixi High School on August 20, 2023. 

The most eye-catching part was the final of the 2023 First Shanghai Middle School Students' "Safeguarding Nature in the City" Campus Debate Invitational Tournament. The teams from Shanghai Shixi High School and the High School Affiliated to Fudan University, which were shortlisted for the finals, had a fierce debate on "Whether We Shall Ban Animal Release in Folklore". 

Besides, the museum has relocated the science fair "Face to Face with Scientists-Safeguarding Nature in the City" to campus for the first time. Scientists from the Shanghai Greening Management Guidance Station, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Collection Conservation Research Center of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum conducted face-to-face communication and in-depth discussions on urban ecological issues of wide concern with students. 

At the board game experience area, "Law of Wetland Survival", the first wetland science popularization board game jointly developed by the Shanghai Natural History Museum and Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, attracted numerous students. Such a combination of science popularization with board games unanimously received positive comments on site.