Special Exhibitions

“Once upon a Time” Exhibition


As a centerpiece of the Shanghai Science Festival 2018, the “Once upon a Time” exhibition will open to the public at the special exhibition hall, 2nd Floor, SSTM from May 16 to August 15, 2018. With “time” as its theme, the exhibition presents four sections, i.e., “Looking Back at Time”, “Perceiving Time”, “Measuring Time” and “Exploring Mechanical Timepieces”. The exhibition tells a story of time to the audience, from how the time of the Universe started, to how time shapes our world and onto amazing phenomena as a result of different timescales and the strange cycles of myriad things in Nature. It also enables a glimpse into how humanity perceived time in the long-running history of civilization, from human ancestors planting crops based on their knowledge of seasonal patterns of Nature, to research on gravitational wave using time measured at atomic frequency, revealing how humanity measured and applied time more precisely over time as physical sciences advanced. Relying on multimedia, interactive devices and display of physical timepieces, the exhibition presents the story of time to the audience on a multi-dimensional basis. The audience can experience scientific knowledge from the birth of the Universe to internal mechanics of mechanical timepieces and understand the underlying laws of science.