Tip Sharing in Cloud Streaming for Studying Online Courses


    On April 30, 2022, the "Science Popularization at Home and Mobile Module Hospitals" lecture organized by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Xinmin Evening News was on air again for students and parents. Professor Li Zhengyun, deputy director of the Special Committee on Mental Health Education Guidance for Elementary Education and Teaching of the Ministry of Education and director of the Shanghai Center for Students' Mental Health Education and Development, shared ways to study online courses and skills of parent-child communication at home. 

    According to Li Zhengyun, students with the two attributes could do better in study. First, high self-discipline. Highly self-disciplined students often make their own study plans without being urged by parents. Second, independent thinking. Students with independent thinking would want to find out answers by themselves, instead of copying from others. She suggested four tips to study online courses: specifying short-term goals, consolidating positive ideas and concentration, time management and improving self-discipline. Meanwhile, she shared with parents seven skills to communicate with their children: 1) listen more and talk less, think from the perspective of children, encourage not discourage, remind not order, keep calm, and punish in right ways and avoid physical punishment.