Shanghai Natural History Museum Held the 2024 Winter Vacation Nautilus Training Camp


Recently, the 2024 Winter Vacation Nautilus Training Camp, a special brand education activity of Shanghai Natural History Museum during the winter and summer vacations, was successfully held. The event attracted 629 spectators from eight regions including Shaanxi, Guangdong, Henan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai to sign up. In the end, 90 spectators were selected as training camp members.

The theme of this training camp was "Wonders in Winter". Based on the integration of a series of winter-themed courses, it adopted heuristic teaching methods through on-site activities at the exhibition, mobile classrooms for natural exploration, handmade workshops, research and practice, etc. to cultivate participants’ critical thinking, observation and artistic creation abilities.

The activities were designed based on the principle of differentiation. According to age structure, the campers were divided into three groups: parent-child group, group of lower grade of elementary school, and group of upper grade of elementary school. The science teachers at the training camp designed a series of science courses and educational activities based on seasonal characteristics to guide campers to explore natural science in winter.

In order to give more audiences the opportunity to participate in the activities, some special activities were also streamed live. A total of nearly 8,000 viewers were attracted to the activities on Shanghai Natural History Museum’s WeChat Channel and Bilibili account, which enhanced the brand influence of Nautilus Training Camp.