The "Holographic Zoo" Immersive Experience Project Led a Journey to Ancient Times


On the morning of February 24, 2024, the “Holographic Zoo” immersive experience project jointly created by Shanghai Natural History Museum and Shanghai Unicloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd. was launched. This project had been exhibited in the Australian Museum, and this was the first time it has been exhibited in China. It opened a window for the audience to explore the mysteries of ancient nature, allowing the audience to experience nature, understand nature, and care for nature in a more diverse way.

The "Holographic Zoo" project adopts ultra-short focus holographic projection technology and consists of three major sections: "Holographic Theater", "Holographic Corridor" and "Holographic Fence", leading the audience to enter the mysterious ancient world from a new perspective to get a close contact with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures and to experience an unprecedented sense of presence. This is not only an in-depth collision of natural science, digital technology and digital art, but also a brand-new form of popular science education that enriches and supplements the existing educational display methods in the museum.

The "Holographic Theater" uses digital projection to introduce Shanghai Natural History Museum's collections and exhibition guides to the audience, and “resurrects” the specimens. The "Holographic Corridor" uses cutting-edge holographic technology to break the limitations of time and space, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the world of ancient creatures and travel in nature. In the "Holographic Fence", the audience can look down at various dinosaurs and insects 30 meters deep underground, and closely observe the living habits of dinosaurs and reptiles of different sizes.