Shanghai Natural History Museum Released Its First IP Image Gallery


On November 3, 2023, an IP gallery press conference using cultural and creative products to "resurrect" collection specimens was launched at the Shanghai Natural History Museum. 

The "Shanghai Natural History Museum IP Gallery" released this time includes three themes: "Dinosaur Zone", "Treasure the Rare" and "Long River of Life". The cultural and creative R&D team of the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum repeatedly screened more than 11,000 exhibits in the Shanghai Natural History Museum and finally included 24 IP images into three galleries. The "star" exhibits are integrated with technology, culture, and art, and through a systematic, visual, and standardized model, a unique IP gallery of Shanghai Natural History Museum is formed. The gallery can be used for cultural and creative development within the museum, as well as for external cultural and creative licensing and cooperation. It promotes the in-depth integration of the Shanghai Natural History Museum’s IP with the market while carrying on the original value of the museum’s IP.

At the press conference, interesting products were presented based on the three themed galleries. All kinds of new cultural and creative products such as name stands, sweatshirts, hats, canvas bags, and pillows attracted the audience’s attention and admiration.