Launch of the "Urban Birdwatching Season - My Natural Treasure Chest in 2022" by the Shanghai Natural History Museum


On August 27, 2022, the "Urban Birdwatching Season - My Natural Treasure Chest in 2022", a branding educational activity initiated by the Shanghai Natural History Museum, was officially launched. In the "citizens as scientists" model, where "everyone acted as a discoverer", created by the event, the public were solicited to collect, record and upload information on bird distribution in urban areas, so that such information would be pooled to set up a profession database, to support the biological research on urban birds and make policies for biological governance and protection of river courses in urban areas based on study on water birds.

Based on the WeChat applet, "Listen to Everything", the event was carried out in three parts: topics of "Workshop of Natural Liaison" and "Monthly Talk on Birds" and temporary exhibition. Biodiversity of waterfowl is a key indicator to assess biological functions and health of the river ecosystem. The public could upload data via the applet "Listen to Everything", and such resources would help scientists with their study on relationship between birds distribution and river ecology, thus providing more perspectives on research for improving the quality of river ecological environment. This project would continue to create a new fashion where people would respect nature and advocate science throughout the society with those citizens with love for nature.