From City to Wilderness: Biodiversity Exhibition opens in Shanghai Natural History Museum


On the afternoon of December 7, 2022, "From City to Wilderness: Biodiversity Exhibition", co-curated by the Shanghai Natural History Museum "My Treasure Chest" and the "Jingcao Carnival" under the Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology, opened in the atrium on the B2 of the Shanghai Natural History Museum.

This exhibition is divided into four sections: "Shanghai: Bird Hunters", "Yangtze River: Finless Porpoises and Rangers", "Southwest: Asian Elephants and Forecasters" and "Sanjiangyuan: Snow Leopards and Monitors". Taking "Animal-Habitat-People" as the story clue, this exhibition led the audience from Shanghai to gradually move from the city to the wilderness through four habitats, including the Yangtze River Basin, the Southwest Forest, and the Sanjiangyuan Region. At the scene, the audience could not only feel the fun of urban bird watching with professional telescopes from the perspective of nature observers, but also see elephant dung, beehives, illegal fishing gear, patrol clothing, monitoring records and other exhibits that truly restore the work scene of patrol and protection personnel. Meanwhile, the audience could participate in interactive games, VR video rangers, level study sheets and other projects, and experience the story behind biodiversity conservation in multiple dimensions.