"Deep Sea Garden" Exhibition debuts in Shanghai Natural History Museum


On December 3, 2022, the "Deep Sea Garden" exhibition jointly created by Shanghai Science & Technology Museum and Tongji University debuted in Shanghai Natural History Museum. The exhibition is China's first deep-sea themed comprehensive original exhibition, with the world's largest cold-water coral forest restoration scene and dozens of rare specimens from the deep sea shown to the audience for the first time.

The highlight of the exhibition is the 400m2 deep-sea scene, which integrates three ecosystems including cold-water coral, hydrothermal solution and cold spring. 80 cold-water coral models are made through 3D modeling and printing technology to restore the natural growth state of 14 kinds of corals such as bamboo coral, fan coral, and gorgonian coral, the largest of which is nearly 2m high, as well as the miniature model of 60 tubular worms and the application of 28m2 large-scale multimedia projection, so that the near and far scenes complement each other, creating an immersive visual feast for the audience. More than 30 cold-water coral specimens from 5 families were selected for this exhibition, most of which were collected by Chinese scientists in the South China Sea in 2020 by taking the "Shen Hai Yong Shi". In addition, the exhibition team introduced the concept of "metaverse" to build a cloud exhibition hall, committed to making the exhibition cross physical space, breaking the limitations of time, and creating a new immersive virtual experience.