Shanghai Natural History Museum Launched Science Popularization and Aesthetic Education Activities Themed "A Long Story of Lóng"


In order to usher in Jiachen Year of the Lóng (Year of the Dragon), on January 21, 2024, Shanghai Natural History Museum and the Art+ Century Museum launched a series of science popularization and aesthetic education activities with the theme of "A Long Story of Lóng" for the Jiachen Year, the Year of the Lóng, presenting to the public an art feast integrating science and technology, environmental protection and humanities.

As a major exhibit in the first quarter of the year, the eye-catching five-meter-tall "Chinese Lóng" installation in front of Shanghai Natural History Museum wears armor and entwines giant beads. It was created by Wang Chunhui who adopted the classical lóng totem as the design background. It combines the dark-blue lóng of Jiachen Year with the festive red of the Spring Festival, integrates metal punk elements and street culture into the lóng’s body, and strives to display the vigorous and diligent spiritual power contained in the lóng totem. Interesting activities were also carried out at the opening site. The audience took photos, DIYed the cover of the Year of the Lóng red envelope, participated in interaction and sharing, and received exquisite gifts. The wonderful activities attracted the enthusiastic participation of the audience in a lively, festive, and joyful atmosphere.

In addition, the Chinese lóng IP limited edition series of art and cultural products jointly launched by Shanghai Natural History Museum and Art+ Century Museum will also be unveiled soon, including the limited edition "A Long Story of Lóng" series of blind boxes, jointly-branded Chinese lóng ink art bags and other special peripheral products, which delicately integrate the image of the Chinese lóng with current trends.