"Insects in the City" Biodiversity Theme Exhibition Was Selected as One of the 100 Popular Exhibitions in the Cultural and Museum Industry in 2023


Recently, the 2023 Cultural and Museum New Year's Eve Live Broadcast Conference which was jointly sponsored by People's Daily Shijie App, China Media Group Mobile, Weibo Wenbo, Tencent SSV Digital Culture Laboratory and other units with the support and participation of hundreds of cultural and museum institutions across the country, was successfully held. The conference released the 100 popular exhibitions in the cultural and museum industry in 2023, and the "Insects in the City" Biodiversity Theme Exhibition created by Shanghai Natural History Museum was among them.

The "Insects in the City" Biodiversity Theme Exhibition is based on the annual results of the "Find Nature" education brand, and with the theme of "Urban + Insects", it displays "species - habitat - human" blending and interaction in the city from three levels: survey results, species diversity, and urban habitat, and leads the audience to discover the nature around them and enhance their scientific understanding of biological diversity. More than 450 insect specimens collected from Shanghai, more than 20 original illustrations from Chen Bochui Children's Literature Award and two art design works of Donghua University were displayed on site. Other educational activities such as "Insect Maze" VR experience, sharing by ecological experts, limited-time stamps, etc. were held. The two-month exhibition attracted a total of 290,000 visitors. The Shanghai Insect List 2023 Edition released with the exhibition includes 22 orders, 310 families, and 3,090 insect species from the city.