The Popular Science Micro-film Memory Tourism Tech. Premieres at the Shanghai Natural History Museum


On January 16, 2024, the public welfare popular science micro-film Memory Tourism Tech. which was funded by the "Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan" science popularization special project of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and carefully produced by the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, premiered at the Shanghai Natural History Museum.  With the theme of "brain-computer interface" technology, the film opens an imaginary door to memory tourism and explores the complex and thought-provoking relationship between technology and memory, human nature and ethics.

The heroine of the film, Li Taotao, is a talented brain scientist and technology entrepreneur. She devotes herself to the "Memory Tourism" Project she founded, trying to create a new way for humans to experience memory. In the world of "Memory Tourism", everything becomes possible. You can feel the emotional bond of love and being loved through the memory of your lover, or experience every step on the moon through the perspective of an astronaut. However, during this exciting entrepreneurial journey, Li Taotao meets a mysterious investor Ji Qian. During their communication, Ji Qian discovers that everything she claims does not seem to be the case... Through the interaction between characters and complex and changeable plots, the film presents a story that combines science fiction and philosophical thinking, triggering the audience's profound thinking about technology, memory, personal privacy and ethical issues.

The scientific advisors of the film are Tao Hu, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS, and Yang Tianming, researcher of the Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology, CAS. The two scientists' professional insights provided inspiration for the film.

Memory Tourism Tech. will be broadcast on the "Shanghai Science Catalog" channel on the Bilibili platform at 16:00 on January 16, and will be broadcast for free on the new media platform of the three museums of Shanghai Science & Technology Museum.