Shanghai Natural History Museum opens the science theme season of "face to face with scientists"


On November 19, 2022, the brand popular science activity--the science theme season of "face to face with scientists", carefully created by Shanghai Natural History Museum, was officially launched in Shanghai Natural History Museum. Themed by "Protecting Nature in the City", this year's activity invited 20 experts and scholars in related fields from 7 units, including scientific research institutes, universities and nature education institutions, to lead people to discuss how to carry out biodiversity conservation in Shanghai, an international metropolis, in the form of science fairs, micro-lectures, and outdoor live streaming.

"Face to face with scientists" will focus on urban ecological deconstruction, urban ecological protection strategies and urban natural resources utilization, so that more citizens can truly understand how scientists study and protect urban ecology. The theme season presented a series of wonderful popular science shows for the general public, such as a series of popular science feasts of three special micro-lectures, the on-site reasoning show for "Six Degrees of Space in the Conch", the science market and the "We Are in Action" outdoor live streaming.