A Series of Activities Themed on “Winter Astronomy Carnival” Series of Activities Was Launched by Shanghai Astronomy Museum


On December 21, 2023, a series of brand activities themed on "Winter Astronomy Carnival" was officially launched by Shanghai Astronomy Museum. It would last for two months and continue the museum’s Summer Carnival's combination of "online + offline" and "inside and outside the museum". It deepened popular brand activities such as "Galaxy Rostrum" and "Starry Sky Concert", continued to broaden the format and enrich the carrier, and successively launched 17 science popularization activities in various forms of experience to the public. 

As a new brand this year, the "Encountering the Starry Sky" roadside astronomy activity guides the public to observe the sun, the moon and stars and look up at the vast starry sky through on-site experience backed up by different types of astronomical telescopes and popular science explanations. The 8-day uninterrupted Spring Festival special event of "Blessing Stars and Good Luck in the Year of the Dragon" will also bring the "dragon" back to the stage, pushing the winter carnival to a climax. At the same time, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum has launched a new planetarium activity SAM·MUSE WALK, focusing on the integration of science and art, and planned to launch the "Guarding the Dark Sky, Aiming at the Stars" Starry Sky Photography Exhibition, allowing the audience to experience the charming vast starry sky.