Launch of the First "Fun in Nature - Park Theme" Event in 2024


On March 30, 2024, a unique event of "Meeting Spring from Tulips" was held in Jing'an Sculpture Park. Plant ecology experts from the Shanghai Natural History Museum led the citizens to tour the sea of flowers, learn about the interesting botanical knowledge of tulips while enjoying the spring flowers. Through the natural science popularization, both the public and experts are gathered together for the first "science popularization date" in spring. This is also the first "Fun in Nature - Park Theme" Event in 2024.

Since 2023, the Shanghai Natural History Museum and the Shanghai Jing'an District Greening Management Center have jointly launched the "Fun in Nature - Park Theme" event to explore the theme function expansion of the parks in Jing'an District, and expand the coverage of science popularization to benefit the society with the innovative model of "park + science education".

Tulips have pleasant name and elegant shape. Although various of flowers bloom in the spring, tulips remain the most popular flower "stars" in April and May. Under the leadership of experts, citizens traveled through the colorful tulip sea, as if stepping into a vibrant oil painting world. The experts introduced to the citizens in detail the cultivation history, species classification, identification characteristics, ornamental features and floral culture of tulips, helping them have a deeper understanding of tulips.

In addition to botanical knowledge popularization, science teachers from the Discovery Center of the Shanghai Natural History Museum also use specimens and paper models to help the participants clearly understand the flower structure of tulips, and led them to make tulip-themed pressed-flower paintings to bring spring home.