Special Exhibitions

Special Exhibition Mother Nature: Innovative Inspiration Opened


Mother Nature: Innovative Inspiration was opened in the special exhibition hall on the B1 floor of the Shanghai Natural History Museum on April 2, 2019. Introduced from the National Science Museum of Thailand, the three-month exhibition reexamines nature from the perspective of biomimicry. It fully demonstrates the innovative designs of humans inspired by nature through a large number of bionic design cases, vivid and marvelous videos, interesting interactive installations, and well-made specimens and models. 

The exhibition is composed of three parts — “Law of Biomimicry”, “Source of Innovation” and “Enlightenment from Nature”. The first part takes the unified law of nature as the starting point and introduces the "Biomimicry Design Spiral" law followed by humans when using nature as the guide for their innovation, to retrospect from concepts and principles how humans turn nature into innovative designs. The second part displays some innovative cases of bionic design to vividly demonstrate how humans use nature as the guide for creating innovative designs and solving real problems. The third part gives a list of many natural strategies and displays some real objects from the "Ask Nature" database to inspire the audience's innovative inspiration and encourage them to explore nature and learn from nature. Many special exhibits are worth a look, such as "Air Ballast Cargo Ship: Cartesian Diver", "Eiffel Tower: Pressure Lab", "Magic Sticker: Tangram Puzzle", etc. The vivid and lively forms of the exhibition have not only given the audience a taste of the mystery of nature, but helped them learn and understand the law of innovation in rich experiences. The audience may also participate in the on-site educational activity "Flying Seeds" and release the seeds with wings in person, or make a small innovative design in imitation of the shapes of the seeds.