"Deep Sea Garden" Expo won 2022 Top Ten Recommendation of Shanghai Quality Museum Exhibitions


Recently, the results for 2022 Recommendation of Shanghai Quality Museum Exhibitions were announced. The "Deep Sea Garden" Exhibition pushed by Shanghai Natural History Museum won 2022 Top Ten Recommendation of Shanghai Quality Museum Exhibitions, and was recommended to participate in the selection of Top Ten Recommendation of National Quality Museum Exhibitions. 

Jointly created by the professional curating team of Shanghai Natural History Museum and the team of Wang Pinxian, an academician of Tongji University, the "Deep Sea Garden" Exhibition showcases the latest achievements of deep-sea research, reproduces the process of scientific exploration, stimulates people's curiosity about deep sea, and spreads marine knowledge to the whole society. Divided into 5 sections of "Imagination at the Sea" "Dream of Deep Sea", "Wonderland of Darkness", "Mysteries on the Sea Floor" and "Exploration of the Infinite", the exhibition reveals the structure and function of coral, hydrothermal and cold spring ecosystems in the deep sea. By means of 3D printing, specimen display, AR and others, the exhibition creates a deep-sea scene to allow the audience to experience the beauty of the deep sea in an all-round, multi-perceived and immersive way. With equal attention to exhibition and education, the exhibition breaks the limitation of exhibition space and lets more people have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the deep sea with online educational activities, popular science games and supporting series of short videos and special lectures. 

Under the instruction of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, organized by Shanghai Museum Association, 20 offline exhibitions and 14 online exhibitions declared by 17 cultural exhibition institutions were received for the 2022 Recommendation of Shanghai Quality Museum Exhibitions. Around the socialist core values, these exhibitions focus on meeting people's cultural needs and enhancing people's spiritual strength with diverse subjects, rich connotations and distinct themes. Through exhibition organization, museums and memorial halls have constantly explored and sought diversified cooperation modes, thus realizing the sharing and win-win of collection resources.